April 11th Roll Out

Bearcats News

Gates Invited to Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

This is an incredible opportunity for Yancy Gates. The tournament will be played in front of a number of NBA scouts and whether he likes it or not the casual basketball fan will remember Gates for decking Kenny Frease in last season’s Crosstown Shootout. He will have an opportunity to make a good impression on scouts to show that he is more than just the butt of a joke. If he can prove he’s a high-character kid to NBA teams his draft stock could rise.

Other UC Stuff

Gatorade Pong 2012 – Be There – Wish I could! Justin Jackson and Yancy Gates will be.

Unhappy Satterfield parts ways with last-place Saitama

New Starters: C Dan Sprague

Frey Gives Bearcats Sixth Sense

Spring Football 2012: Munchie Legaux Interview

Nibbles from FB Practice – THUNDERCATS!

BEast News

Temple likely to be in Big East’s West Division – That means UC-UL to the Big East East temporarily at least.

Nati News

Empty seats + Votto contract = Reds ink? – Hate this paper but be makes some good points.

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