Coachapalooza '12: Butch Jones Reportedly Offered By Kentucky

It’s that time of the year again, Bearcat fans. Our coach after having ‘overcome the odds’ of making Cincinnati football successful is in danger of being poached by another program. This year coaching vacancies at high profile programs such as Auburn, Tennessee, and Arkansas during the offseason might be cause for concern. But it seems like Kentucky is even trying to get into the mix. It even seems that they’ve gone so far as to extend an offer to him:

Excuse me while I literally laugh out loud.

11.19.2012 Update: Turns out the rumor of Jones being extended an official offer is hogwash. That makes sense considering absolutely no rumors of his name being involved in a coaching search related to UK surfaced before this. Jones getting an offer out of the blue seemed unorthodox but you can bet going forward Kentucky will reach out to the Cincinnati head coach to inquire about his interest in the Wildcats head coaching position.

11.27.2012 Update: Kentucky has hired Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, brother of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops. Butch Jones seemed to have turned down any offer UK may have sent his way because DUH!

I mean, Kentucky? Really?! The only school in the SEC that places more emphasis on basketball than football and have taken the ‘perennial loser’ status to a whole new level? They expect to land Butch Jones? That’s not going to happen. If in fact this rumor holds water there are dozens of reasons why Jones would be better off staying at Cincinnati than diving into that dumpster fire but the simplest explanation is this: UK is a major rebuilding job in the most difficult college football conference in the nation and Jones has a program built in his liking at UC. He’s a young guy (for a coach) but starting over with the Wildcats would be a huge risk and this early in his career might tarnish his ability for getting higher profile jobs later on.

So rest easy, Cincinnati fans. I’d place the odds of Butch going to Kentucky at about 100,000 to 1. Keep an eye on the Tennessee or Auburn openings, however.

11.18.2012 Update: Derek Dooley has been shown the door. Expect Butch to start seeing calls on his phone with a Knoxville area code.

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