Cincinnati Hires Tommy Tuberville as Next Head Coach

Well it seems Whit Babcock moved quickly in replacing Butch Jones just 24 hours after he left. And he did so in a big way. Reports are coming out that Cincinnati has hired Tommy Tuberville away from Texas Tech. Even UC is confirming the move. Whit Babcock mentioned yesterday that his aim in the next hire was to not win the press conference but to bring in the right coach who displayed all of the characteristics of leadership.

Well today he did both.

Tuberville is the big name that will get the Cincinnati fanbase excited as well as the casual fans who might not have been so keen on a coordinator. But he’s also an incredible offensive mind consistently guiding the Auburn Tigers to the top of the SEC with an explosive attack while there and everyone knows about Texas Tech’s dangerous offense. We’ll have plenty of time to evaluate him over the coming weeks and months but for now this is an extremely impressive first hire by Whit Babcock.

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  • CincyGrad

    After reading forums and listening to Coach TT interviews, apparently we won’t know the style or tempo of offensive for UC Football until TT hires an offensive Coordinator. If he want’s butts in the seats, I hope All are stressing the importance of a fast, high scoring offense to attract casual UC/Cincinnati fans.

    Wins will get attention but high scoring wins will also attract the Big12/ACC.

    I’ll be hoping for a big name as OC. Petrino? We may have to wait for the bowl games to finish before TT even interviews/offers his top pick(s) for OC. I’m willing to be patient now with assistant hires and recruiting, realizing we already have an accomplished HC in TT.

    All in all, things are looking up and I’m glad we have upgraded our football head coaching talent.

    Butch was OK but could not adapt quick enough to needed change when things were not going to script. Aka…the first 4-8 season, picking munchie as fulltime QB versus sharing the spot with KAY after early 2012 problems, games with Rutgers/NCState/Tenn, etc.