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The Tension Between UC and OSU Fans

There has been a lot of internet chatter between UC and OSU fans in the past few years and it really flared up this weekend on my newsfeed and twitter feed after OSU jumped to #2 in the BCS rankings.  UC fans think OSU fans are annoying, entitled and arrogant.  OSU fans think UC fans are mid-major, bitter little brothers.  There is a lot of trash talking but all in all I feel OSU deserves the spot they got.  Ask any coach, it’s hard to win a game.  It’s incredible difficult to win 12 in a row without losing any, we know that from 2009.  Any team that wins out in college football deserves a shot at the national title, especially a team in a BCS conference.

The reason so many UC fans are miffed (I think) is that UC got snubbed from the national title game in 2009 despite the same record and a similar circumstance.  Just look at this little comparison I made the 2009 Bearcats and the 2012 Buckeyes:

2009 Cincinnati 2012 Ohio State
Regular Season Record: 12-0 Regular Season Record: 12-0
Beat 3 top 25 teams Beat 2 top 25 teams
(one more coming against MSU)
Pac 12 Road Game (Oregon State) Pac 12 Road Game (California)
Mountain West team at home
(Fresno State)
Mountain West team at home
(San Diego State)
Score of Final Game: 45-44 Score of Final Game: 42-41

*Not to split hairs but I’d argue that Oregon State is currently a better program than California and Fresno State better than San Diego State.

This year all my Big 10 friends have been griping about getting disrespected from ESPN.  Join the club.  That sounds familiar to fans of the conference formerly known as the Big East.  I wouldn’t argue that the Big East was ever the best of the BCS conferences but they had the best bowl record of any conference in the BCS era.  They performed well out of conference, each member of the conference (except maybe Syracuse) was ranked in the short-lived New Big East era (2005-2012).  With all of that the conference never got the respect we felt it deserved.  I remember a lot of Big 10 fans hating on the city schools of the Big East for not drawing the crowds of schools in the other conferences.  The theory as I understand it is that Big 10 fans think because they have bigger stadiums that makes their teams inherently better.  The Big 10 has great football legacy, tradition and creates some of the best atmospheres for college football in the country but they just aren’t that good right now.

All that said, I don’t find myself feeling bitter towards OSU this year.  Maybe it’s because they have a former Bearcat player as a head coach.  Maybe it’s because I’m completely sick of the SEC and all it’s hype.  Maybe I like seeing a lot of Ohio high school athletes performing on the big stage representing the state of Ohio than going to an SEC school.  Maybe it’s because UC has a good chance of yet another 10 win season and I don’t feel insecure about our program like I did in 2009.  Partially, I feel for them.  As a fan, student-athlete or really even as a coach or university you have no control over how strong your conference will or won’t be on any given year.  You can only play the games on your schedule.  Cincinnati fans ought to empathize in that regard with our rivals in Columbus.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the vicious trash-talking between the two fan bases is usually done by the lowest common denominator.  Every sports team on the planet has a handful of classless trash talkers.  Most of them have a lot of good fans and the good ones usually outweigh the bad ones but the internet has given a megaphone to the rowdy minority of fans out there.  I’m not pleading with you to love OSU or their fans but pay them their respect and as for me I’d rather see them go to the BCS national title than yet another SEC team.

I’d encourage my fellow Bearcats to let it go.  I’m not suggesting you become a Buckeye fan but let’s stop spewing hate.  Let’s keep building our program and our fan base and we’ll settle it on the field starting next season.  Meanwhile we’ve got bigger fish to fry as we’re taking on our biggest rival this week while trying to claim the traveling trophy of yet another team to abandon us in our conference and potentially fighting for a BCS bowl.  We’ve got a lot more to do as fans than shoot arrows at our Ohio brethren.  Let’s pack Nippert for it’s last pre-renovation game and get back the Keg of Nails until Louisville is willing to schedule us for out of conference games to get it back!

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  • tommyMETROP0LiS

    Great article. #BEARCATS

  • Travis Crouch

    But didn’t if get destroyed by florda in the bowl game that was not the bcs champ that 63to 14 sothat proofed they did not disearve them the right to go

    • Mike T. Jorgensen

      Tough to argue. If they had gone to the national championship game would Brian Kelly have negotiated with Notre Dame to coach that last game with us? That 2009 Bearcats team ran on a finely tuned system that only Brian Kelly could produce, the team collapsed without their nucleus. UC would have likely lost that Sugar Bowl either way but we would have actually had a better matchup in the National Championship game that year.

      Plus OSU has gotten squashed in plenty of bowl games, in fact they also got destroyed by Florida with Urban and Tebow

    • seriously

      UC was being coached by Grad Assistants. They had no coach. Typical OSU fan, can’t write in full sentences.

    • Hingle McCringleberry

      Travis, You do realize that OSU has failed miserably against the SEC?

      That Florida whipped OSU too?

      Think before you type…

      Seems to be a recurring problem for OSU Fans….

  • Joey

    OSU can’t be our in-state rival if they won’t even play us…

    • Mike T. Jorgensen

      I hear ya but the last move was initiated by UC. We’re playing next year and if we get dusted up there again then we can pipe down for a little bit. If we get another 2002 matchup then we’ll be justified in demanding matchups more frequently.

  • Matt

    OSU is actually 24-0 as of now

    • Mike T. Jorgensen

      True enough, I am happy for them and I say keep going! Sadly records don’t carry over from year to year. It will actually make for an interesting hurdle when they do lose a game because if you’re a true sophomore right now at OSU you haven’t tasted defeat since high school (if then). How you respond to that will shape you as a player.

  • Carl

    OSU vs UC all time…. 12-2… STFU and Go sit down.

    • Chris

      OSU vs. Michigan State last night: 0-1.