Dec 14, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Mick Cronin during the first half against the Xavier Musketeers at the US Bank Arena. Xavier defeated Cincinnati 64-47. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Mick Cronin's Postgame Presser Illustrates His Apathy Towards UC's Offensive Woes

Cincinnati is on a disjointing two game losing streak after getting manhandled by the Xavier Musketeers last night. The Bearcats have noticeable issues in more than a few areas but most of UC’s problems stem from a lackluster offense. Just look at these piss poor numbers:

  • Made just one out of three shots on the evening.
  • Shot just 36% from beyond the arc.
  • Went just 14-26 from the free throw stripe.
  • Starting point guard Ge’Lawn Guyn scored zero points for the second straight game.
  • Collected just 7 offensive rebounds and allowed Xavier to haul in 27 defensive rebounds.
  • Justin Jackson and Titus Rubles combined for just 4 points and 9 rebounds. Neither made a field goal.
  • Forward Shaq Thomas made the most three’s of any Bearcat, including the guards.

But I’m sure if you rolled those stats by Mick Cronin he would probably throw them out the window, as he alluded to in his postgame press conference:

“…you can talk about offensive options and this and that, that stuff’s all out of the window for us. Our problem right now is we weren’t tough enough to handle all the elements.”

What the hell is he talking about? “Tough enough”? “Elements”? Cincinnati’s inability to hit open shots or make a simple layup has nothing to do with toughness. It means he isn’t putting his players in positions to use what scoring abilities they possess. Or maybe he just doesn’t care enough about the Bearcats’ ineptitude on offense to address it head on.

Cronin spent about six minutes fielding questions from the media. I counted two distinct inquiries regarding UC’s struggles on offense. Both times Mick seemed to gloss over the question and brought the issue back to “effort” and “toughness”. Aside from the quote above, he did mention that UC needs to become a “better passing team” but otherwise his answers were fairly vague.

That just doesn’t sit well with me. I understand the idea of “coach speak” but after seven plus years of watching inept Cincinnati offenses, I’d like to hear more urgency in his voice and specificity in his explanations. As I mentioned last night and was further perpetuated after watching his presser, Mick Cronin’s apparent apathy towards the Bearcats’ offensive woes scares me.

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  • Alex Thomas

    I was very disappointed in UC after that game but not surprised. Cronin doesn’t focus on offense at all. Ever since we only scored 50 against providence last year and less than 50 against Georgetown, I knew Cronin didn’t care. If the athletic department is truly serious about getting to the next level, then fire Cronin because he will not take us to the next level. And if they don’t, then they are settling for mediocrity. After making it to the tourney for 3 straight years, the goal should be to try to consistently win multiple games in the tourney, not “just get there”

  • marcus cannady

    I’m not sure where this is surprising. MC, much like his former mentor Huggs, has never coached a sophisticated offensive scheme. Totally inept in this department. MC is an average coach who did a strong job breathing life in to our program once more, however I don’t see any indication that he is capable of elevating the program further from here.

  • steve aghotte

    Micks problem is he doesnt seem have a clue on how to develop offensive talent. Almost every player regresses offensively year over year. While its good to emphasize defense there is too much effort on defense and zero on offense. It doesnt matter if you hold the opposition to 50 points when you cant score 50 now does it??? Its getting frustrating and while I admire Mick for his handling of the fight 2 years ago, the honeymoon is just about over from my viewpoint.