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Report: Cincinnati AD Whit Babcock Applies For Virginia Tech Job

The Bearcats’ offseason has been mighty active. Like more active than seemingly possible. Like I’ve been completely blown away by the news coming out of UC in recent weeks and it’s happened again.



The key word there is “apply”.

Had Whit Babcock simply been a candidate for the Virginia Tech opening for athletic director, I wouldn’t have been surprised. At this point in his career and considering the waves he has made here, other schools inquiring about the UC AD’s status makes sense. Heck, I’d let Babcock give me a haircut with no known prior experience of cutting hair* because I’m that confident he’d do a bang up job.

*This is an awful idea.

But the fact that Babcock has apparently reached out to Virginia Tech and applied for the open job has me worried. It shows he has a real interest in going to Blacksburg. Is that interest mutual? Who knows but I’d bet cash money that Babcock is at or near the top of Virginia Tech’s wish list.

There will be much more on this in the coming days I’m sure.

1.24.2012 UPDATE: Per the Enquirer this morning, Whit Babcock has not applied for the job as of now.

1.24.2012 EVENING UPDATE: He gone.

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  • Ron Fulton

    I don’t blame Babcock for wanting to leave for a better conference. UC, unless they can get in the big 12, is a sinking ship.

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  • bearcats4

    Whit Babcock is a class act. He is directly responsible for the upgrade to Nippert Stadium, which when finished will be a MASTERPIECE right in the middle of the already beautiful campus….brought in the legendery Head Football Coach Tommy Tuberville who is already recreuiting like nobody before, therefore, continued stability in football program for years to come…..The basketball program is getting to a level greater than when Huggy was here….olympic sports on track to be bettter than ever before….Happened to see a video of Whit’s introduction speech at V. Tech…he spoke extremly high of U. of Cincy and the community as a whole…said the only job he would have considered leaving Cincy for is V. Tech (HIS HOME TOWN), it was his ONE opportunity in a lifetime to go back home, he could not pass it up…Whit also said he’s not starting his Tech job until March, not sure but I think he’s in Cincinnati making sure the transition goes smooth with the Nippert project, like I said, a class act. Cincy is in good shape…a nice conference, good coaches, great accademics, the future looks bright. Could Cincy be in a better place conference wise, sure…I suppose everyone could always be in a better place…the cup is 3/4 full…lets all enjoy the greatest ride in Cincy’s sport history.