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Just can't Legaux

Here wegaux again.. (Thanks to my friend Larry Peterson for the wordplay there)

I just read this afternoon that Munchie Legaux and Shaq Washington have received extensions to play one more year at UC.

Shaq’s time wasn’t up yet but he’ll now have two years of eligibility remaining.  That is just plain awesome.  He is a great receiver and he continues to grow.  Two more years could mean a lot to this program and his development as a player.  We have been recruiting well at WR so perhaps an extra year with Shaq will enable us to redshirt a talented freshman this year and keep that position going strong for years.  No question, this is great news for Bearcat fans.

As for Munchie, I have mixed feelings.  To be fair, it’s not Munchie’s fault (entirely anyway).  You would be hard pressed to find a program with more QB drama in the last decade.  Dustin Grutza gets benched for Nick Davila at the end of the season and for the bowl game in 2006-07.  Then Brian Kelly comes in and starts Wake Forest transfer Bionic Ben Mauk who takes us to and wins the Papa Johns Bowl.  The following season had drama that bled into late August as Mauk continued to file appeals for a 6th (or 7th?) year of eligibility.  He was ultimately declined and then we had the flurry of Tony Pike, Zach Collaros and Chazz Anderson.  Following that we had Zach Collaros injured and replaced by Munchie.  Meanwhile Brendan Kay had been fighting injuries for seemingly his entire college career.  Last year we had the drama of choosing between Munchie and Brendan.  Finally we landed on Munchie who was promptly injured in the first road game of the season.

Looking toward next season we had a seemingly clear landscape with two QBs who have never started (Gunner Kiel and Bennie Coney).  We still have competition at the QB spot but at least it was a matter of the best man for the job.  Now it’s complicated again as we have two strong candidates and  a QB coming back who has starting experience and seniority.

It’s also not helping that I’ve never truly been a Munchie fan.  He is a gifted athlete, obviously a hard worker, committed Bearcat and from all signs a wonderful guy.  As a QB though he isn’t my preference for next season.  We could certainly do a lot worse than Munchie but Gunner Kiel (my top choice and Bleacher Report agrees) is the highest rated player that I’m aware of to ever step foot in the UC locker room.  Maybe he’ll work, maybe he won’t but I hope he gets an honest shot at the position even with Munchie around.

So is  Munchie coming back a good thing or a bad thing?  It could go either way.  From what I can tell (very limited access/exposure) he has a good understanding of the playbook and works diligently even on the sideline.  That seems to be the kind of guy you want around.  If I’m pressed on the issue, I have to say ultimately it’s a good thing for the team even though I’d prefer he not be the starter at QB.

Ultimately it comes down to Tuberville.  He’s got a tough decision.  Is this the year he will take us back to a pro-style offense?  In which case, a scrambling QB is not all that appealing.  I’m not sure if we have what we need at RB to make that happen yet but with that being stated direction of the program it opens the question of whether Munchie or Bennie really fit the position.

Anyhow, just this little bit of talk has got me wanting to fast forward to August but perhaps we’ll all learn some things at the spring game.

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  • Tom Scooter Seiple

    As for the QB status next year, the scramble QB hasn’t served us well in the past, and I doubt it will work again this coming year. I think the RB slot is still open for debate, but we had some good looks this year from some talented dudes, but continued to run RDA4 up the middle as a ground a pound back… foolish. We’ve got some backs that can move it up the middle, we’re best to keep him in a position like Sprolls for the Saints. All that said, our O-line will be stacked coming into this year being that both our corners (out for the bowl game) will be back, and that means we can count on a gun slinger to stand in the pocket (I think). My question is how can we get a QB who can control a game and when will our Defense decide to bail us out of tight spots. Too many games were “almost, but not quite” moments last year where we had a shot, but the defense bent to much or the offense had just too many 4 and outs to give them a break. The continuity of both squads playing together is what I’m interested in. That’s something we’ve never had (as far back as I can remember) even in the hay day of Pike.

    • bearcats4

      We have a great Head Coach (TUBS), complete Offense staff back, pretty much same with defense staff, a lot of work to get done but I feel confident even better times are coming.

    • Mike T. Jorgensen

      Well said.

      Scramble worked pretty well with Collaros in 2009 but other than that I agree. We do well running a pocket-QB system and it helps when the QB can occasionally take off when the play breaks down.

      RB is the toughest one. We don’t have the RB we need for the system we’ve said we want. I don’t know what to do but I don’t think the fans can stand to watch RDAIV get misused like that again.

      The O-line should be strong but not necessarily deep, the season will hinge on their ability to stay healthy.

      The defense last year was not impressive, they had great numbers but played a week schedule. I feared it would come back to haunt us (as it did in the bowl game). Defense needs to step it up, particularly the front 4. Our pass coverage wasn’t great but would be sufficient if we got pressure on the opposing QB.

      As for how to control the game: Power running, power defense and QB who knows how to manage a game. Gunner is still by far my top choice and listening to him in interviews he’s got some serious confidence in his ability. It could just be cocky but if it cocky then I’m not the only one who is buying it because he was offered scholarships from EVERYONE

      All things look bright for next season but I am concerned that Munchie’s presence will create pressure on the coaching staff to use him whether he’s the best choice or not.