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Sunday Funday: We Know More About You Than You Know About You

Google Analytics is a magical tool. It’s perfect for data junkies like me who got into the business of market research for platforms like this in the first place. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Analytics, just know that it’s on the forefront of providing users the ability to track traffic on websites and evaluate visitors to the site by several metrics.

What makes it especially relevant for this post, is that it collects IP data of users accessing sites. It doesn’t release the actually address but aggregates them based on several criteria including type of browser, country or state of origin, whether it was a desktop or mobile platform, and more. So I just thought I’d share a little of that with you because this kind of stuff is fascinating and I wanted to give you a taste of my inner nerd*.

*That came out wrong.

  • In 2014 alone, Cincy on the Prowl has been accessed by people in 106 different countries. 97% of you all live in the United States but country that owns the second spot are the Netherlands. Why? This post, which was linked by a Dutch blog. All hail clogs!
  • The rest of the top-10 falls out like this; Canada, Jamaica, Colombia, Romania, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Germany, and Brazil.
  • One-quarter of you use Google Chrome to check out Cincy on the Prowl. Considering FanSided’s slick templates work best on this browser, you people are the smartest of the bunch.
  • Interesting to me at least is that Internet Explorer (24%) comes in second, followed by Safari (23%) and Firefox (11%). That’s a little shocking to me considering Microsoft’s platform seems to be grossly out of date and never works for any website.
  • 26 visits in the last year came by way of Playstation 3. I’m not sure how you technologically superior folks do this but I tip my cap to your ingenuity.
  • 239 visits came via Blackberry, 80 came via Netscape, and 1 via something called “Nokia Browser”. How you people survive in this world?
  • 60% of you used a desktop to access Cincy on the Prowl, followed by smartphones (29%) and tablets (11%).
  • Of the mobile devices used, most were either an iPad or iPhone (70%), with several Samsung Galaxy phones following suit.
  • Overall, Cincy on the Prowl was access by a whopping 486 different mobile devices this year.
  • Nearly a quarter of you used the provider Time Warner Cable to access Cincy on the Prowl. Since this is a Cincinnati Bearcats blog and the vast majority of its readership hails from the Cincinnati area (over 35% of you), where TWC dominates, this makes sense.
  • The rest of the top-5 rounds out as such; Fuse (17% of visitors), Verizon (6%), AT&T (4%), and Service Provider Corporation (3%), whatever that is.
  • 3% of you accessed Cincy on the Prowl via the University of Cincinnati’s internet.
  • Most of you live in Ohio cities but what was surprising to me was to see New York, Raleigh, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis in the top-50.
  • Cleveland came in at 53rd. That’s why they suck.

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