Bearcats Great Greg Cook has Passed Away


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News broke this morning that Cincinnati Bearcats legend Greg Cook lost his battle with pneumonia this morning. He was admitted to the hospital last night but did not make it through the treatments the doctors were giving him. He died at the age of 65 surrounded by his closest friends and family.

This is certainly a day of mourning in UC country. His mark on the Cincinnati Bearcats football program will be one of the lasting memories most people will have of him. He broke countless records while the Bearcats signal caller including passing completions and touchdowns per season. His record for passing yards in a single game (554 vs. Ohio University in 1968) has never been broken. Remember this was long before the spread or pistol made their appearance on the football field. This was a time when veers/wing-t option offenses ruled the day and passing was still a VERY distant second to running the football. His abilities were certainly ahead of his time. Think about the damage he could have done in a modern-day passing offense. Speaking of that, most Cook’s records had not been broken for nearly 30 years at Cincinnati until Gino Guidugli took the helm for the Bearcats in the early 2000’s. However Cook’s record for passing yards in a single game still stands.

Greg Cook, while gone will never be forgotten. He lived a Bearcat, he died a Bearcat, and his spot on the Ring of Honor will take a special meaning after today.

RIP, Greg.