Guest Blogging on Clones Confidential


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Last week Ross over at Clones Confidential (Iowa State Cyclones blog) wrote a pretty poignant post about how Cincinnati absolutely, unequivocally should not be offered an invitation to join the Big 12 should the conference choose to expand beyond ten schools. Here’s a snippet from that entry:

"For 2011, Baylor had the lowest attendance in the conference as they only averaged around 41,000 per contest.  Where would Cincinnati rank if they were in the Big 12 last year?  Dead last.  Cincinnati only had an average of 32,000 fans attend their games (9,000 less people than the last Big 12 school).  Yes, I know that their stadium only sits 35,000 people.  The fact that Cincy has a small stadium doesn’t help their cause.  With TCU’s Amon G. Carter Stadium expanding to a capacity of 50,000 next year, Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium would be the smallest stadium in the Big 12 by 15,000 seats."

Almost as soon as Ross published the article, Bearcats fans erupted with backlash at the statements he was making. First of all, a shoutout to Bearcat nation for standing up for your school and your team. I couldn’t have been more proud. In addition I tried to do my part by writing a guest post for his blog to give the Cincinnati side of the story. Here’s a few sentences from it:

"UC played a game against Oklahoma at PBS in 2010 and drew 58,000. This was a special occasion and well-advertised but it’s fair to say that Cincinnati would draw better on a regular basis against teams in the Big XII, Big Ten, or SEC than the likes of UConn, Pitt, and Syracuse."

So give it a read and, of course, go Bearcats.