Whit Babcock is up to His Old Tricks: UC’s Fan Guide for the Blackout


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University of Cincinnati Athletic Director Whit Babcock appears to have an endless stream of ideas flowing into the marketing department. Most recently, this department released its newest fan guide for students and general attendees alike to be the best fans that they can possibly be on Thursday night when UC hosts arch rival Louisville. Yes it’s exactly as dorky as it sounds. Take a look (click the image for a closer view):

Like the fan guide for the whiteout against Syracuse on Big Monday, this is most certainly a brainchild of Whit Babcock and you can see his sense of humor all over this poster. My particular favorite is the ‘fan stance’:

I guess he figured the crowd at 5/3rd arena has learned enough from the first fan guide to not have to be told to stay quiet when UC has the ball. But there still appears to be a need to show the crowd how to make three-point goggles with their hands. Like I mentioned in my commentary on the whiteout fan guide, this is incredibly cheesy. But it’s also incredibly ingenious. Whit Babcock went to the well once more and presented yet another idea to get fans to the game and to build interest in UC basketball. He can make a hundred posters like these and as much as I pick on them, they’re still great for this athletics program.

Once again, well done Mr. Babcock.