The Offseason: Bill Koch is Going Into Hybernation But Bearcats Nation Will Not


The two major sports at UC have officially called it a season. Which means it’s the time of the year when Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer Bill Koch takes his annual leave of absence to do God-knows-what. Probably in the ballpark of laying around in his underwear until noon and brainstorming creative ways to put UC athletics down. He’ll pop up around the Spring Game and maybe the NFL Draft to write a few under-researched blog posts about UC’s draftees but by-and-large he will be MIA for most of the spring and summer. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely refuse to link his articles in the daily Roll Out. I know my piece of the internet is minuscule in the grand scheme of things but it’s my own personal rebellion against the apathetic, uninspiring human being that is Bill Koch. God I hate that man.

Sorry that paragraph was so negative but I think it was appropriate considering I was ranting about Bill Koch, who is the epitome of negativity. But let’s put that behind us and move on to something a little more positive; What you can expect from Bearcats Nation in the coming months.

Continuing Coverage of the Bearcats

Even though the exciting six months of football and basketball are over, there’s still plenty going on in the world of UC sports. The Cincinnati baseball team’s season is in full swing and while I haven’t been giving them the kind of coverage I have to football/basketball, I promise I’ll provide more updates on them. Also the NBA and NFL Drafts are right around the corner. From UC basketball, Yancy Gates actually has a legitimate shot at going pro and from UC football a number of players including Isaiah Pead and Derek Wolfe will get drafted. I’ll have breakdowns of their projections in the coming weeks. Finally, spring football will gear up again next week as Bearcat Bowl VI looms on the horizon. I will be previewing each position going into the spring game on April 14th. There’s lots of turnover on Coach Jones’ team!

UC Recruiting

Recruiting for college football and basketball never ends and neither will my coverage of it. This is one of my favorite aspects of college sports however shady it may be. Cincinnati basketball still has 1 possibly 2 spots to fill as the next signing period in April approaches. Coach Jones on the football side has yet to snare a class of 2013 commitment for his team but you can rest assured that he’s close to getting a few verbals already. I’ll continue to keep my fingers on the pulse in case any news is broken on the recruiting front.


Admittedly when I started up this site last August it was maybe only 85-90% completed. While functional, it wasn’t quite where I wanted it from a visual standpoint. Some of the primary areas like the recruiting and stats pages are unfinished. I also want to give the sidebars a new look as well as tweak the wording in some areas around the site. There are some other changes I’ve been mulling over and they may or may not come to fruition; Interactive discussion boards/forums? Polls? A new site name, perhaps? Some of those are big-picture projects but there are still a few modifications to make so I can finally call Bearcats Nation (or whatever it might be called) 100% complete. Change is good! Don’t you ever forget that.

The journey though the offseason for fans is an arduous one. Can you believe kickoff for UC football is over 5 months away? My hope is that I can provide some semblance of entertainment for you so the next few months will at least be bearable. While I created and write for this blog because it truly brings me a sense of calm and release, I enjoy hearing that readers like you appreciate my work however garbled it may look at times. There’s a lot to get to in the next few months but before that I’m going to take the next couple of days off to recharge my batteries

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend, everyone. I’ll be back on Monday with more posts on the Cincinnati Bearcats.