October 26th Roll Out – Pregaming the Keg of Nails


This was a fun night. Let’s replicate this image after tonight’s game.

From Bearcats Nation

Butch Jones Pre-Louisville Press Conference Notes

Statestify! Walter Stewart v. The Big East; Why His Absence is Significant in Upcoming Games

5 Keys to Cincinnati – Louisville; Big East Week 9 Predictions

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Butch Jones Interview- Louisville

Football Travels To Louisville For 52nd Battle For Keg Of Nails

Balance Is Good, Running The Ball Is Better

Other UC Stuff

Sanders aims to produce in ’12-13 – Should be first of second man off the bench in most games.

College Basketball Team Previous: The Dangerous Outsiders – Cincinnati clocking in as “Giant Killers”.

Santa Jeremy Ono Named President of the University of Cincinnati – Obviously outstanding news!

Sportsmanship prevailed following UC-UT game – Butch Jones is a classy guy, in case you didn’t already know.

Ralph David Abernathy IV Feature

UC Practice Video #1 – Scott Springer on it.

UC Practice Video #2 – Longer clip here.

Dalton travels – Some OL recruiting news here. He’s a former teammate of Marcus Foster.

BEast News

Seven Days And Seven Thoughts As The Window Closes

Nati News

Meet the most dominant program in college football – Not really Cincinnati related but some may find it of interest.

Around the Nation

Tennessee Fan Poses in Gruden Mask at General Neyland’s Grave – Man Vols fans really want Jon Gruden.

Bill Snyder: Miracle Worker – It appears no one at Kansas State could do what Bill Snyder has done.