Butch Jones Pre-Rutgers Press Conference Notes


Like he does every Tuesday of game week Butch Jones took some time from his busy schedule to talk to the media about the goings on of his football team.

– Recaps the Temple game and he was overall pleased with his team especially that they “only had 1 penalty all day”. That doesn’t sound exactly true but still the Bearcats played basically flawless football. Of course in typical coach fashion Jones demands perfection and he wasn’t pleased with some aspects of Cincinnati’s game.

– Brendon Kay is starting against Rutgers. Captain Obvious strikes again!

– Rutgers is “the most complete” football team the Bearcats have played to date. Boy is that true. Rutgers has an aggressive, smart defense combined with a strong offense powered by Jawan Jameson who rolled up 200 yards on the ground last year.

– Khaseem Greene is a mean dude.

– Bearcats need to be patient and win one-on-one matchups. Especially with the way the Scarlet Knights bring pressure on defense they play a lot of man-to-man. The wide receivers and tight ends have to get open.

– Trenier Orr will still be on the mend this Saturday but the rest of the secondary (Chenault, Frey) appear to be healthy.

– Like Cincinnati, Rutgers doesn’t give up a ton of sacks. The Bearcats must create pressure to win this game.

– Jones understands the homefield advantage that Nippert Stadium provides the Bearcats. The fans have to come out this Saturday. It’s not just about cheering on a team, it’s supporting the coaches and players who represent the university and city in a top-notch, professional manner.

– “We’re embarking on the greatest era of Cincinnati football”.

You can watch the presser in its entirety here.