Bearcat of the Week: Sean Kilpatrick


The first basketball player to receive the illustrious BOTW award is none other than Sean Kilpatrick.

Killa has been outstanding this season as he looks to build on his impressive resume from the previous two years. In the last two games he has led the Bearcats in points and rebounds averaging 24.5 and 7.5 across that span. By halftime of the North Carolina A&T game, Kilpatrick was actually outscoring the entire Aggie basketball team by himself! NC-A&T was able to close that gap and even surpass Killa in the second half which was a mild disappointment. But had Mick played his best scorer for most the game you can probably bet that it would have been a tight race to the end of the game. That’s the thing, though. Mick has actually been holding the reigns pretty tight on Kilpatrick, and most of his starters, this season to get the young players some run. He is seeing the floor just under 25 minutes per game which should surely balloon as competition picks up later in the season. And just imagine how dangerous Kilpatrick will be by then.