Butch Jones Pre-UConn Press Conference Notes


Like last week there has been a lot of rumors bouncing around regarding Cincinnati, the ACC, Butch Jones, and open head coaching positions around the country. But again this week we have an opportunity to focus for three hours and enjoy the game of football rather than the politics and money surrounding it. I’m betting Butch Jones would too but he is probably going to have to field some questions from the media on that subject. Notes below:

– Recaps win over South Florida, Jones was proud of his players and especially the seniors who celebrated Senior Night with a victory.

– Typical respect for upcoming opponent in the UConn Huskies but the stats on their defense is really, really worrisome. They don’t move the ball well but Connecticut continues to play exceptional defense.

– Jones rattles off stats on UConn’s defense that made me queasy.

– Says the Huskies take the personality of their head coach Paul Pasqualoni. So we can expect UConn to take an afternoon nap after they eat dinner in the 1st quarter. Should be fun.

– Cincinnati is approaching week 10 of a 10 game bye-less stretch. The fact that the Bearcats aren’t approaching Saturday with a laundry list of injuries is a minor miracle.

– Props to Travis Kelce for setting the record for the most yardage by a tight end in UC history.

– ALERT! Butch just used the words “Isaiah Pead” and “flamboyancy” in the same sentence.

– Gives respect to the Big East for it’s parity. That’s definitely the case now but could certainly be changing in the future.

– Butch Jones indicates that he is somewhat concerned about the stability of the Big East but has full confidence in Santa Ono, Whit Babcock, and the UC Board of Trustees in promoting the university.

As always, you can watch the UC’s head coach’s press conference in its entirety here.