Colorado Offers Butch Jones $13.5 Million/5 Years, Can Cincinnati Match?


As expected Colorado is throwing PAC-12 money at their head coaching problem by reportedly being prepared to offer Butch Jones a 5 year deal worth $13.5 million over the lifetime of the contract. That comes out to a payout of $2.7 million per year:

"Buffs athletic director Mike Bohn and CU president Bruce Benson are prepared to offer Jones a five-year contract worth more than $13.5 million, a source close to the situation said. Colorado also will commit to upgrade Folsom Field, the Dal Ward Athletic Center and the team’s practice facilities."

Currently Butch is making about $1.769 million according to USA Today and is set to increase to just over $2 million at the end of the contract’s life in 2017. However it’s also being reported by that Whit Babcock has been working to give his head coach a “significant” raise according to Football Scoop:

How much are they willing to pay him? I’m not sure, but I would think even as cash strapped as the UC athletic department is they would be able to close the $1 million gap between Butch’s current contract and what Colorado is offering him. This would at least monetarily make the Bearcats job equal to that of the Buffaloes. The other factors, fan support, stadium size, conference prestige, however are out of Cincinnati’s control and might still give Colorado the edge.

At least we can take heed knowing that UC is doing whatever it can to retain their head football coach.