Brendon Kay Granted 6th Year of Eligibility


The good news just keeps on coming for the Bearcats and Brendon Kay in particular. After being mired by injuries for the majority of his career at Cincinnati it was learned today that he will be granted a 6th year of eligibility and will return to UC in 2013:

What are the ramifications of this? Well even though there will be a change in offense UC fans can take comfort in knowing that the quarterback position is secured for another season. Kay was stellar during the final four games of the season bringing a definitive passing threat to the offense that had been shaky at best under Munchie Legaux. Overall #11 brought balance to an offense that had been heavily reliant on the running game to move the chains.

In 2013 I fully expect there to be some dropoff with a change in coordinators. That’s not unexpected. But it’s reassuring to know that Cincinnati will be handing off the keys to a 6th year senior with tons of confidence and now some in-game experience under his belt as opposed to one of Patrick Coyne, Bennie Coney, or Trenton Norvell. These three are among the most talented young quarterbacks to step onto the campus in Clifton but are extremely green and throwing them into the fire while making them learn a new system would have been disastrous. Having Kay for another season will surely help bridge that gap.