Cincinnati Reveals Swanky Belk Bowl Helmets


Via Instagram.

Yea these look amazing. Last year the Bearcats rolled out some conservative but classy helmets in the Liberty Bowl. Their simplicity really made them stand out in addition to uniquely adding the C-Paw on one side and each players’ number to the other. Plus the black matte paint was to die for. This time around Cincinnati has moved away from the simplistic style in favor of something more Rock and Roll. I guess it’s fitting considering the kind of energy palpatating from the athletic department with the additions of Santa Ono and Whit Babcock. These helmets go heavy on the flash and is one of the more in-your-face paintjobs you’ll see in college football. I’m sure even Maryland would agree. I particularly like the claw scratch that goes down the middle. It’s a nice touch and should make the entire uniform look stunning.