Bearcats BlogCast: Talkin’ MickGate 2016, Saint Joe’s

Just way too much to talk about on today’s Bearcats BlogCast, more than Scott and I had expected earlier this week. Yes, with the Mick Cronin hoopla we had enough material for a full podcast and then some.

To get you caught up, UC gave UNLV approval to reach out to Mick last week. This is standard practice in college athletics and nothing suggestive of him leaving Cincinnati. Then he officially visited UNLV on Wednesday with an apparent $3 million offer, partially funded by Under Armour, in hand. But no deal was struck out of those meetings and Mick is returning to Cincinnati this morning.

So, yea, not the kind of roller coaster ride of an offseason we were expecting and it’s why that topic ate up the bulk of today’s segment. Here’s a full rundown of the stuff we talked about.

  • What UNLV is offering Mick Cronin and how it is an enticing job considering what he has at Cincinnati.
  • The underlying conflict between Mick and the UC administration that brought us to this point.
  • What Mike Bohn needs to do to rectify that tension and if he does, what their relationship will be like going forward.
  • The problems facing UC should Mick leave and how the Bearcats could struggle finding a quality coach because of those same issues with the program.
  • Oh, and we talked about the Saint Joseph’s game and how it was a microcosm for UC’s basketball season.

As always, you can listen via the media player below but feel free to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Or you can listen via the media player below.