Crosstown Shootout Set For Thursday, January 26, 2017

In a break from tradition, the Crosstown Shootout was moved from its traditional spot in December.

CBS Sports college basketball aficionado Jon Rothstein is reporting that according to his sources, the 84th Crosstown Shootout will take place on Thursday, January 26, 2017.  We’ve been waiting for a formal announcement about a non-conference schedule from UC, and as of yet, it hasn’t come.  If you are a season ticket holder like I am, hopefully you consulted our handy guide on what we know about the 2016-17 basketball schedule before you renewed your tickets.  Now, you can put the biggest game of the year on the calendar.

I’m still not sold on playing it during conference play, but so be it.  For the team that wins, it will be a HUGE late-season win, worth of top billing on an NCAA tournament resume.  Still no official word from UC, but you’d have to figure that with The Shootout being the biggest puzzle piece, a full schedule of both conference and non-conference games for Cincinnati Basketball is coming soon.  In years past, The American has released their league basketball schedule right around the start of football season (which is just a mere two weeks away).

Again, this is unconfirmed, but Rothstein is usually a very credible source when it comes to college hoops.  At this point, all we’re waiting for regarding The Shootout is what Vegas sets as the over/under for technical fouls.