Cincinnati Football: Thoughts on Tulsa and Football Season Wrap-Up

In an ending fitting for a lowsy season, the Bearcats were again outscored in the second half, and blew a gigantic lead.  But hey, at least we scored some points, right?

Honestly, I’ve about all talked out when it comes to Bearcats football during this dreadful, 4-8 season.  But I will offer a few of my thoughts about last Friday’s game and the season in general.

First thought: Where have these freshman wide receivers been all year?  Thomas Geddis and Jarron Rollins burst onto the scene in a huge way, each hauling in TDs on deep balls.  Both ran past the Tulsa secondary like The Road Runner being chased by Wile E. Coyote – the DBs had no chance.  So why haven’t they been playing earlier?  The season went to shit about 5 games ago, so these guys could have had at least four games to get playing time and experience.  But nope, not in Tommy Tuberville’s world – they both finished the season with a grand total of 13 catches.  If you have a freshman with talent, there are two choices: play them (a lot), or redshirt them and don’t waste a year.  Anything in the middle is pointless.

Second thought: It was nice to see the bag of tricks opened up with the throwback pass to Hayden Moore.  The last time we saw anything like it was the trick play to Mike Boone in the Houston game.  It was a great call that kept UC in the game against a team that was better than they were.  I’m not quite sure why UC didn’t try more of this in the eight games in-between, especially with the offense struggling so much.

Third thought: The Bearcats got their asses kicked in the second half (and overtime, this time) again.  Something we’ve unfortunately gotten very used to this year.  As I’m sure you’re aware of right now, this one is on the coaches.

Fourth thought: Hayden Moore still has a cannon on the deep ball.  Last year when we first saw Moore against Memphis, I raved about his arm – it’s easily the best on the team, and a huge asset.  We saw it against Memphis, and we saw it again against Tulsa.  Hopefully whatever new staff that comes in (fingers crossed) will figure out a way to better utilize that strength sometime before the last game of the season.

Fifth thought: Senior LB Eric Wilson was named a first team all-AAC player – well deserved.  Congrats.  DB Mike Tyson, who had five interceptions, was snubbed.

Sixth thought: While watching the Tulsa game, I thanked God several times that we don’t have adidas uniforms anymore.

Sixth thought: We’re one week away from the date when Tommy Tuberville’s buyout drops, making his a lot more fire-able.  But I’m pretty sure you probably already knew that.  The irony of hopefully being able to yell “Get a job” at Tommy in a week is thick.

Seventh thought: The time is now for UC to fire Tuberville, because there are so many other good options out there.  Charlie Strong, PJ Fleck, Les Miles, Mark Helfrich, (maybe) Brian Kelly.  It’s rare that this much coaching talent is out there, so UC must act now.  And if none of those guys work out, head coach Ben Mauk of Kenton High School would be better than Tuberville, too.

Final thought: I told you so!  I was right all along about that stupid cutout they were going to try to use for the C-paw at the 50-yard line, and I’m going to (probably undeservedly) take some of the credit for raising awareness on the issue, which led to UC ditching the cutout and painting a good looking C-paw on the field instead.  So at least one thing started shitty and got better this year.  Everything else was the opposite.