Cincinnati Football: Ben Bryant, Arquon Bush fuel comeback against RedHawks

After trailing for most of the first half, Cincinnati scored 31 unanswered points en route to a fourth straight double-digit win against Miami. Ben Bryant led the way alongside a strong performance from Arquon Bush and others.

Before the offense found a rhythm, Charles McCelland gave the Bearcats a boost with a touchdown run early on. Cincinnati finally started to take control late in the second quarter with three consecutive scoring drives.

Even when the defense was struggling to get stops, Bryant remained under control as the Bearcats began to stage a comeback. Luke Fickell explained how the offense stepped up in the first half per Cincinnati Athletics.

“I don’t think we played our best ball but we found a way to feed off each other. I keep talking about complimentary football that is so critical, especially as the team grows. When the defense wasn’t doing quite as well and struggled a little bit in the first half, the offense honed in and flipped the energy and momentum.”

Cincinnati Football: Ben Bryant, Arquon Bush fuel comeback against RedHawks

Bush’s interception gave the offense an opportunity to take a lead right before halftime and that’s exactly what happened as Bryant found Nick Mardner for a highlight-worthy reception in the end zone to grab a 24-17 lead.

The turnover and ensuing touchdown was the biggest turning point in the game as Cincinnati took a lead and didn’t look back. During the postgame press conference, Fickell mentioned the second quarter rally via Cincinnati Athletics.

“Right before the half, we finally got a pick and go 90 yards for a score with 12 seconds to go. I think that was the difference in the ball game. That energy created by the turnover then the drive by our offense. Going into the half, that obviously gave us more momentum but it also settled our guys in a little more.”

Bryant continued to play with confidence and poise throughout the game, compiling 337 passing yards and two touchdowns, while Bush finished with five tackles and an interception to help the Bearcats secure a 16th straight win in the rivalry.