Cincinnati Football: Bearcats add Louisville defensive coordinator Bryan Brown to staff

Bearcats new head coach Scott Satterfield will bring Louisville defensive coordinator Bryan Brown with him to Cincinnati as the coaching staff continues to fill out following the recent hire on Monday!

After being defensive coordinator and cornerbacks coach at Appalachian State and Louisville for over a decade, Brown is expected to stay on Satterfield’s coaching staff as they head to Cincinnati.

Brown was cornerback at Ole Miss from 2003-2006 prior to coaching at Rutgers under Greg Schiano and Ole Miss before being hired as cornerbacks coach at Appalachian State under Jerry Moore in 2012.

The Mississippi native was then named Louisville’s defensive coordinator in 2019 and was one of two positions coaches that were on Satterfield’s staff during all four seasons coaching the Cardinals.

Cincinnati Football: Bearcats add Louisville defensive coordinator Bryan Brown to staff

Despite having an inconsistent defense at times in recent years, Louisville was second in the country with 43 sacks this season, while totaling the third most turnovers in the nation with 28 takeaways.

Satterfield and Brown run a 4-2-5 defense that will put a bigger emphasis on the defensive front after Cincinnati mostly relied on three defensive lineman throughout Luke Fickell and Mike Tressel’s tenure.

In addition to Satterfield announcing he won’t coach in the upcoming game, Brown won’t participate in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl either as Cincinnati faces Louisville on Saturday, December 17 in Boston.

Cincinnati enters the matchup with an opportunity to improve to 10-3 and reach double digit wins for the fourth time in the last five years but Louisville’s explosive offense should make it competitive.

Bearcats interim head coach Kerry Coombs will look to shut down Louisville star senior quarterback Malik Cunningham as Cincinnati looks to regain control of the storied rivalry at Fenway Park in a few weeks.

There will be plenty of changes to the program as it welcomes a brand new coach. Check out our break down of the Bearcats decision to hire Satterfield and what to expect from the team moving forward!