Introducing the Bearcats Nation Player of the Week


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Today marks the start of a new series on this site the Bearcats Nation Player of the Week. You can call it the Bearcats Nation POTW, BN POTW, or Bearcat of the Week. Whatever tickles your fancy. The first player to be donned with this illustrious honor is this guy:

Over the past two games, Cincinnati has seen star performances from Sean Kilpatrick and Jaquon Parker. Even Jeremiah Davis came up big against Notre Dame when most of UC’s sharpshooters were sidelined with foul trouble. But Dion Dixon over the past week has put on a show lighting up the scoreboard to the tune of 31 total points against Pitt and Notre Dame. Sure Killa and Parker put up similar numbers but what sets Dixon apart is that he became the 47th member of the 1,000 point club Wednesday night. I’m a big fan of watching players join an elite group and I couldn’t have been happier to see Dion reach that feat.

Over the season the senior guard has led by example and has brought along the younger players like Davis and Gelawn Guyn. Dixon’s leadership has helped bridge the gap between half the team graduating and bringing in all of the fresh faces from the high school and JUCO circuits. It’s these intangibles that make Dion such a great member of the Bearcats and why he has been named the Bearcats Nation Player of the Week. I’m sure Dion will get some free drinks at the bar tonight but don’t give him too many! He has a game tomorrow after all.