Dave Lawson Is Annihilating the UC Football Team


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It’s day one of the strength and conditioning program for Cincinnati’s football team. Dave Lawson has apparently spared no expense in kicking their collective asses today. Scanning my Twitter around lunchtime I saw tweet after tweet about how sore some of the players were. It’s clear that Lawson has made it his personal business to shed some of the flab the players may have gained in the three weeks since the Liberty Bowl on New Years Eve.

Hey, no one ever said being a college athlete was easy. Take it away, guys:

Patrick Coyne:

Jameel Poteat:

Greg Blair:

Dyjuan Lewis:

Nick West:

Even some of the newest Bearcats are getting a taste of a Dave Lawson-ran S&C program. Needless to say, they’re getting a crash course in training at a college level.

Bennie Coney:

Marcus Foster: