Butch Jones Removes Akise Teague from UC Football Team


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Amid his confession of stealing from unlocked dorm rooms five times in the month of January, the punishment facing Akise Teague was unknown. There was speculation and outcry calling from anything to a slap on the wrist to being kicked out of school. Butch Jones wasted no time taking immediate action against his freshman runningback. According to ESPN, Teague has been dismissed from the football program. He is no longer listed on UC’s official football roster. As weak or harsh as the punishment will be perceived, it’s the right message Jones is sending to not only Teague but his entire football team.

Jones is a blue-collar coach that has little patience for slacking off and taking the easy road. He is especially harsh on those people who outright breaks rules, and breaking-and-entering along with burglary is one of the biggies. Jones’ zero tolerance policy can be dated back to his days at Central Michigan where the lackadaisical effort of wide receiver Antonio Brown forced him to suspend the player for spring workouts. Brown returned more focused and clear-headed than ever and went on to get drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s unclear at this point how long Teague is suspended for, if he will even return to the Bearcats football team, or if he will remain a student of the University of Cincinnati. For now the best thing we can hope for is Teague is getting his act together and he will emerge from this a much wiser person.