March 28th Roll Out


Bearcats News

Bearcat Breakdown | #3 Dion Dixon

Dion was a great leader for the Bearcats this season but tried to take over at times. That’s not his game. What he should have been doing is let Cashmere Wright lead the offense and drive the basket to pick up hard fouls while playing great defense on the other end. Many times this year he got too shot-happy and would finish with crazy lines like 4 – 17 from the field. It was detrimental to the team and while Dixon was one of the most valuable members of this team, he had his share of WTF moments this past season.

Spring Football 2012: Butch Jones Interview

A post practice interview between Tommy G and Coach Jones. It good to hear that this team seems to be rolling right along taking the spring conditioning and practices extremely seriously. This is exactly what we heard last season and it’s encouraging for a team replacing key starters at many positions.

Other UC Stuff

Bearcats Breakfast 3.27.12

UC Hosts Louisville For BIG EAST Opener

Observation Deck

Baseball to Play Dayton Flyers on Wednesday – UC needs to start winning again. Like, now.

Cincinnati Bearcats announce Future Non-conference Football Opponents

Cincinnati won’t play at Paul Brown Stadium – Thank god.

BEast News

The Notre Dame Conundrum: To Join Or Not To Join? – Not in my lifetime.

DePaul looking to build new arena, land Chicago area stars – A bold plan. Let’s see if they can get it done.

Nati News

Screeching to a Halt! Brandon Phillips and Scott Rolen: Nightmare Forecasting

Around the Nation

Andy Dodd Commits to ‘Bama, and He’s Ready to Change Fat Guy Touchdowns Forever – Dude can catch!

Pacific to Join WCC