Cincinnati Basketball: UC Signee Jarron Cumberland Drops A 52-Spot On Washington High School

Cincinnati Bearcats signee Jarron Cumberland, of the high-four star and ESPN 100 variety, scored 52 points on Washington High School in a 83-39 route. That marks the single game record for Wilmington High School, further solidifying the future Bearcat as a Hurricane legend.

As we’ve noted ad nauseum for the past year, Cumberland is simply a scoring machine and a player that Cincinnati has sorely needed to provide a scoring pop from the two-spot. That’s not to say Farad Cobb hasn’t been a blessing at the position for the past two season. He has, as evidenced by his team leading 41.4% shooting percentage from three. And of course Sean Kilpatrick falls in that “indispensable” category.

But by and large Mick Cronin has swung and missed in his recruiting at the two in the last couple of years. Kevin Johnson has shown the ability to hit the three ball but that’s about it. Ge’Lawn Guyn never displayed the offensive abilities that you’d like to see of a guard at this level and he was eventually pushed out when Troy Caupain started to come into his own. Plus Jeremiah Davis III never found his footing here. If not for Cobb, shooting guard would be as much of a black hole offensively as the three-spot has.

It appears that Cumberland is here to change all of that. He not only outscored the Washington Blue Lions by 13 points all by himself, his 52 would have outscored several college teams that evening such as Stanford, Northeastern, Towson, North Texas, and Eastern Kentucky. Not like that’s especially relevant or anything but it certainly makes me feel even better about his prospects.

Congrats, Jarron! You can’t get into a Bearcats jersey soon enough.